Sunday, May 9, 2010

New blooms...

We have some incredible things going on in the garden. Yeah... things other than my slug and snail death traps. For instance: foxgloves!!!

I absolutely love those flowers. We have had this particular one for about three years, and my husband is so nuts over it he started a bunch from seed this year. And when I say "a bunch"... I mean A BUNCH! I can't wait to see all of these blooming in a year or two.

Our hydrangeas are also starting to flower. We have an Oakleaf Hydrangea and a couple of Endless Summer Hydrangeas in our shady backyard. That is something that I find fascinating about Atlanta - and also something that many in-town gardeners have to contend with. LOTS of shade. Fun fact: Atlanta is sometimes referred to as "the city in the forest" thanks to our abundant green canopy.

I'm also trying a couple of varieties of eggplant this year. This is an adorable little flower I found blooming on one of my Ichiban Eggplants. It's little surprises like this that really give me a thrill when I check up on progress in the garden.

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