Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Quilt sneak peek!

Here is another quilt (!!!) I have in progress. I had this project in mind for a stash of 8 x 8" linen samples that I acquired a few weeks back. I cut out all of the pieces and laid them out on another piece of fabric and pinned them so they wouldn't get all mixed up. When I hung the fabric up (because I hang up pretty much everything that I work on) it looked like this!

One of my favorite things to do when I'm working on projects is to take materials I already have and come up with a use for them. It's fun to see where your mind takes you when you have a very defined set of conditions to create with. I actually had to trim the squares I had down to smaller pieces to make them work for the quilt. So, now I have a slew of 1 x 7 or 8" strips of linen. I was looking at my stack of trimmings wondering how I could make use of them - and I was actually able to come up with a new project idea! I will probably test it out in the coming weeks... hopefully it will amount to something!

Also, I am overjoyed to celebrate the first sale in my Etsy shop this past weekend!!! It's definitely a momentous occasion, and I thought I'd toot my horn over in this corner, quietly....

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  1. Congratulations, Katie! That is so exciting, isn't it?! I'm sure you will have many more with your talent!