Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Recycled style from Etsy sellers

In a recent post, where I discussed reclaimed materials, I promised to share some of my favorite Etsy sellers that make things using found or recycled supplies. Well, here is a little round up of just a few shops that feature creations that use found materials in an interesting way.

YAVA G l a s s specializes in taking recycled beverage bottles with screen-printed labels and converting them into decorative glassware. These particular glasses are made from IBC cream soda bottles. The style of the IBC logo and simplicity of clear glass add a bit of classiness to these that is really fun. Whoever thought trash could look so good?

Bodhicitta also has some really beautiful work made from recycled glass. My favorite of theirs are these tumblers that they make out of old wine bottles. Each one is a slightly different earth tone, which makes a great-looking set!

Isn't this little wooden whale made by William Dohman sweet? William gathers wood scraps from construction sites and uses what he finds to create hand carved signage, toy whales like this one, and even toy robots!

The pillow pictured above comes from Velvet Bean. She makes cushions and ottomans using reclaimed coffee sacks. I love how they are graphic and still so rustic! Velvet Bean was recently featured in Real Living Magazine Australia. Check out how great this room featuring one of her ottomans and pillows looks!

The lovely cushion above is from Ply Textiles. It is made using wool from recycled sweaters. The 100% wool sweater material is fulled in a hot washing machine to create a dense, strong, but soft fabric. The combo of beautiful colors, the texture of the fulled wool, and the graphic herringbone design can't be beat!

The adorable fabric baskets above were made by Tuuni. She creates home decor using recycled vintage fabrics and lace. They are beautifully simple, but the lace adds a bit of charm and character!

Last is this yarn from Auracauna Designs. It comes from an old sweater that the seller unraveled, washed, and line dried. It has such a unique look - and provides a chance for an old garment to be something greater!

Checking out beautiful work by other crafty folks always gets me inspired to go make something... now, I'm off to get to work!

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