Saturday, June 5, 2010

A small step: one print at a time

Lately I've been focusing a lot of my creative energy on my living space. Do you ever have the urge to just drastically alter your place? Well - I am very prone to urges, so last weekend I painted my kitchen and bathroom and have been doing a lot of organizational tasks to make our little place more comfortable.

While I was imagining how I wanted to design the space, I kept thinking of the at-home print gallery that I have always wanted. All of the art in our home right now is our own, which is fun, but I really feel the need to bring other artists into the mix! Especially prints! I love hand pulled prints because they are so accessible to people with all types of budgets. (Read: my budget! ha!)

With my future wall of prints in the back of my mind, I saw this darling image on Melinda Josie's blog...

I loved it instantly - something about it just charmed me. Of course, part of it was the subject: a kitty, in a dress, drinking tea. But, I also love the color palette, and the sweet, but somewhat grumpy expression on her face.

I posted a comment to see where Melinda got the image, and she said it was one of her own prints! Awesome! I was familiar with her
drawings and paintings, but hadn't realized that she also did hand pulled prints and even fabric! So, I bought it! Now it is somewhere between Toronto and Atlanta on it's way to me! Yay!

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