Saturday, September 10, 2011

2011 Fall Palette Challenge

I follow an amazing blog that is published by Colette Patterns called The Coletterie. They have issued a "sewing challenge" for their readers to create a fall color palette and use that color inspiration to sew a collection of garments for the season. I haven't done much garment sewing since I was in high school, and I figured if I wanted to get back into it, this would be the perfect opportunity!

I drew most of my inspiration from
Sessun's fall/winter collection for 2011. I just love the bold jewel tones they used together. The collection reminds me of the color block trend from this spring/summer, only in fall colors!

fall palette challenge 2011

Now, the next step will be to select the fabrics and patterns I want to use to make my clothes!


  1. Oh Wow, I love loVE LOVE(!) your Fall Palette!!!
    I was thinking of adding purple in mine too, but I felt I would be a bit too greedy , hehe. Can wait to see your outfits :)

  2. Thank you so much! It is hard not to be greedy when it comes to color! I'm just fortunate that this time I had some really strong inspiration. I'm not always so focused!