Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cooler weather, calmer days...

I spent some time at my local craft store the other day gethering materials for a little project I am trying to pull together. I couldn't help but snap a few photos of plastic gourds, paper mâché skulls (!!!), and Autumn colored faux flowers that were all over the place. There is definitely a high cheese factor in any craft store when it comes to some of the seasonal supplies, but it's difficult not getting swept up in all the hooplah!

pumpkins, skulls, fall foliage

Temperatures have dipped down into the mid sixties this week in Atlanta which is pretty unusual for us this early in September. Everyone seems to be celebrating the cooler weather by wearing sweaters and boots while we have the opportunity. I have to try and rememind myself not to get too excited by the "arrival of Autumn" though, because there's no doubt that the heat will be coming back before the real thing is officially here. But, not to worry - it will be soon enough!

With these cooler temps I am also finding myself listening to different music than I would during the summer months. At the moment, that means a lot of dream pop and shoegaze with some singer songwriter stuff thrown in the mix. I found this new (to me) band Memoryhouse courtesy of YouTube and am in love with them. This song, Heirloom, is exactly what I've been in the mood to listen to as temperatures have dropped. I hope you enjoy it too!

Do your musical tastes change with the weather?


  1. Memoryhouse is playing a free show at 529 on Nov 1st. Definitely check it out. I love them too.

  2. I saw that on their website! I definitely hope to make it!