Thursday, September 1, 2011

My first date with Spoonflower...

I finally took the time to join Spoonflower a couple of days ago after years of dragging my feet! (Funny, how weeks turn into months that turn into years. Oops!) If you aren't familiar with Spoonflower, they are a company based in Durham, NC that allows their customers to print their own fabric designs digitally on demand. You can also order designs from other Spoonflower users, which is an incredible feature - and is so supportive of small independent artists and craftspeople.
I'd be honored if you'd mosey on over there and check out my profile. My first design is this translucent triangle stripe in four colorways that were roughly (very roughly) inspired by the seasons. It isn't available for sale yet, but eventually it will be - hopefully, along with some other work that compliments it! 

Acute Stripe in four colorways

I'm having a great time doing design work again, and have been shocked that my memory of how to use
Photoshop and Illustrator is actually coming back to me after being away for so long. The first time I sat back down in front of the computer to "play" I could barely remember a thing and was terrified that I might have to learn it all over again! Thankfully, so very very thankfully, that isn't the case.


  1. hallo I just saw that you had complimented one of my designs, thank you it means a lot and very lovely to discover your blog and see a bit of your world and what a beautiful place to be, the lake looks magical, a bit different to the human traffic of brighton :)
    ps your spoonflower designs are great x

  2. Thanks so much for the sweet comments ladies! Encouragement definitely helps me to keep it going!